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  • All Documents

    Please be sure to have an account with Canva for ALL purchases. Some products will require Canva Pro.

    Here's a simple guide:

    1. Purchase your Template: Once you're selected the template from our website you will receive an email with "template download" instructions.

    2. Sign In to Canva: Go to the Canva website ( and sign in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free.

    3. Select an Editable Template: Click on the template you want to use. Canva offers a wide range of editable templates for different purposes such as flyers, posters, business cards, social media graphics, and more.

    4. Customize the Template: After selecting a template, you'll be taken to the editor interface where you can customize the design. You can change the text, colors, images, and other elements to fit your brand or specific requirements. Simply click on the text or image you want to edit and use the editing tools and options provided by Canva.

    5. Add Your Content: Replace the placeholder text and images with your own content. You can type directly into the text boxes or upload your own images by clicking on the "Uploads" tab and then selecting the image file from your computer.

    6. Preview and Adjust: Once you've made all the necessary changes, preview the design to see how it looks. Make any additional adjustments if needed to ensure everything looks good and is aligned properly.

    7. Download or Print: After you're satisfied with the edits, you have the option to download it as a printable file. Click on the "Download" button and choose the file format you prefer (e.g., PDF, PNG, JPEG). If you prefer, you can also print the design directly from Canva by selecting the print option.

    8. Save Your Project: Before you exit Canva, make sure to save your project. This allows you to come back and make further edits later if necessary. Click on the "Save" button and give your project a name to save it to your Canva account.

    That's it!

  • Convert to Digital

    All products can be used digitally. Mostly planners and journals are what most people want digitally. See our example video on the home page.

    List of Conversion apps: GoodNotes, Notability, Notion, Evernote etc.

    Here's a simple guide using GoodNotes:

    1. Import Your Document: Open the GoodNotes app on your device. Tap on the "+" icon to import an existing document (. To import a document, tap on "Import" and select the file you want to add from your device or cloud storage (such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

    2. Organize Your Documents: Once your document is imported, it will appear in your document library. You can organize your documents into different folders. 

    3. Navigate Through Your Document: Tap on the document you want to open from the document library.

    4. Annotate Your Document: To annotate your document, tap on the pen icon at the top right corner to access the annotation tools. GoodNotes offers various tools such as pens, highlighters, shapes, text boxes, and erasers. Select the tool you want to use, choose the color and size, and start annotating your document by writing, highlighting, drawing shapes, or typing text.

    5. Add Images and Sticky Notes: You can also add images or sticky notes to your document by tapping on the image or sticky note icon in the annotation toolbar. Select the image or sticky note you want to add, resize or move it as needed, and then tap on it to add content or make further adjustments.

    6. Export or Share Your Document: Once you've finished annotating your document, you can export it or share it with others. Tap on the share icon (usually represented by a square with an arrow pointing upwards) and choose the export format (PDF, image, GoodNotes file, etc.) or share option (email, message, print, etc.) that you prefer.

    7. Save Your Changes: GoodNotes automatically saves your changes as you work, so there's no need to manually save your document.

    That's it! You've successfully used digital documents in GoodNotes.

  • Misc Info

    You will need Canva in order to download, edit or print All documents on our website. Please be sure to have an account with Canva for all purchases.

    Printing: Some documents have multiple pages. After purchase you can print as many or as few pages you'd like.

    Delivery Method: The product download link will be delivered to you via email after purchase. You will have access to the secure online link for 48 hours. After 48 hours the link will expire.

    Response Time: Your patience is greatly appreciated. We strive to provide thorough and thoughtful responses, which may take some time. Rest assured, we'll get back to you within the specified timeframe. Please allow up to 48 hours.