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Admission Agreement

Admission Agreement

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Introducing our Admission Agreement solution a comprehensive and user-friendly document tailored for assisted living facilities and group homes, nursing homes, and AFH.

Our carefully crafted agreement ensures a clear and transparent understanding between your facility and residents or their representatives.

It covers vital aspects such as terms of residency, services offered, financial arrangements, and facility policies.

Streamline the admission process, enhance communication, and establish a solid foundation for a positive resident experience with our Admission Agreement product.

Our Admission Agreement goes beyond the conventional to address crucial aspects of the residency arrangement, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and promoting a harmonious living environment.

Key features of our solution include:

  1. Terms of Residency:

  2. Services Offered:

  3. Financial Arrangements:

  4. Facility Policies:

  5. financial Arrangement 

  6. Resident rights and protection

  7. Resident valuables

  8. Termination

  9. Transfer

  10. Waiver

  11. Visiting Policy

  12. House Rules

  13. Daily Schedule

  14. Pest Prevention

  15. MiSC


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